Happy August! Folders & Sub-folders are here!

Happy August! Folders & Sub-folders are here!

Happy August fellow sailors!

Summer proves to be quite scorching for Europe and North America and we hope, no matter where you are, that you are doing well and much more enjoying some great cruising. On our side, we keep shipping new features, updates and fixes, trying also our best to squeeze some vacations and sailing time in-between!

Prior to updating you on what’s new, let us share with you that we are actively working on a major feature requested by many, Multi-boats to be able to register and manage many boats under a single account. This is planned to be released in a couple of months.

Back to the present, let’s see what we have released since our last newsletter.

TheBoatApp web

  • Files Module has been fully redesigned. For the full details you may refer to the new Files tutorial. The headlines in short, you may:

    • Setup folders and sub-folders as it suits you better to file licenses, certificates, warranties, manuals, work/pleasure photos & videos and anything else you need to keep your boat in top shape

    • Add expiration dates and reminders so that you visit the coastguard in time to renew this soon-to-expire licence of yours

    • Upload your files much easier by using drag & drop

  • Costs chart legend and tooltip have been refactored to provide more meaningful costs information on how much you spend on what

For the full picture and more details you may check TheBoatApp changelog.

TheBoatApp mobile

  • Inventory Module added as native mobile component, replacing the previous web-redirect. You now have proper mobile experience for managing your inventory items, including costs, maintenance and more

  • Date-time picker has been updated, making selection easier

  • Files functionality has been added on Trip-logs, Inventory and Tasks

  • Search added on Inventory and Tasks

For the even more, you may check TheBoatApp Android or iOS changelog.


  • Published Checklists are here. The best public checklists are being promoted in a dedicated web-page for every sailor to be able to find and check them out. Take a look at TheBoatApp.com/Checklists and even better create and share your own checklist(s) with the world and help others to get things right!

  • Instant-search has been activated. Just start searching and see the results popping up as you type, even just a few characters!

  • Favourite Boats arrived too! Mark the boats that you like and include them in your shortlist for easy reference and comparison or benchmarking

  • Boating Activities have been added so you may now browse boats per activity (fishing, sailing, etc). Check it out at TheBoatDB.com/Boats/Activity

For the full picture, go ahead and visit the freshly redesigned page of TheBoatDB Features and check also TheBoatDB changelog.

We keep working to bring affordable technology benefits to every sailor. Thus, the platform remains Freemium, with a rock-bottom subscription for our Gold supporters. Our vision is to be able to provide to the whole boating community Improved Safety aboard, Peace-of-mind and Reselling value. If you have missed the past posts on how this is achievable, do some short reading on how to “Standardise & Systematise your boating data” and “Why not use my paper or even electronic spreadsheet (Excel) tables?”. As always, you can track the progress directly on our online changelog.

Closing, we remain grateful to the Gold subscribers for supporting the platform and we call the rest of you to join them, get extra features and support the platform, for us to keep developing and adding new features on TheBoatApp and TheBoatDB.

YOU are the wind on our sails!

Thanking you, we wish you good health and an always seaworthy boat!