Multi-boat and more Subscription-plans!

Multi-boat and more Subscription-plans!

Ahoy fellow sailors,

You talk and we listen to your needs! Following this, we are about to release a major update to introduce Multi-boat within a single account. We are also introducing more paid-plans subscription tiers for you to select which one fits on each of your vessels.

WHAT: many boats can be added and managed in your exiting account. Of course, each one can be accessed and managed as you already know, while having the ability to see either collectively the data of all your boats together or filter and focus on a specific one. A boat can be either “Free” or licenced. Each account may have one (1) Free boat and many licenced boats.

WHEN: Multi-boat and the new paid-plans subscription tiers are expect to released in a couple of weeks at the beginning of October.

WHO: all accounts will get access to the new multi-boat feature. Despite to what most may think that the multi-boat feature sounds applicable to business users only (e.g. chartering companies), we had many requests from private owners asking to track separately from their main boat, a tender or a PWC as a discrete vessel.

HOW: the transition will be transparent and no actions will be needed on your side. Your current boat will get the current status of your account. Namely,
  • Free: if you are a FREE user, your existing boat will remain as Free within your account. You’ll be able to add more boats by assigning a licence to each one

  • Gold: if you are a Gold user, your boat will be automatically assigned a licence and will maintain all its Gold benefits. Furthermore, you’ll be able to add one (1) Free boat (e.g. your tender/PWC) plus more boats by assigning a licence to each one

Stay tuned and get ready to add your tender, PWC or more, and manage them under a single account, shared with your family or crewmates!

We keep working to bring affordable technology benefits to every sailor. Thus, the platform remains Freemium, with a rock-bottom subscription for the paid-plan supporters. Our vision is to be able to provide to the whole boating community value through improved safety, legal compliance, peace of mind and reselling value!

YOU are the wind on our sails!

Thanking you, we wish you good health and an always seaworthy boat!