Summertime Boating and our News!

Summertime Boating and our News!

Ahoy fellow sailors,

June is here (…quite rainy in England!) and I look forward to a great sailing summer ahead! What are your plans and cruising destinations for this summer? I have friends flying over to exotic destinations and fancy 5-star resorts all over the world but I will take a sailboat with a bunch of friends/family, along with some beers and wine, anytime rather than a flying tin-can and any fancy landlubber accommodation! There is no tranquillity to be found on any pre-packed no-boat tour-package, regardless of the exotic destination. On the contrary, there is abundance of tranquillity and quality-time in even a short boat-cruise, on the most modest, and much less than 5-stars, boat with good friends/family! How about you? What is your vacation-time definition and what qualifies or not for you?

I have been chatting 1-to-1 with many of you, mostly about TheBoatApp and how we can make things better, but would be nice to also exchange a few more lines other than those for a boat-management app, no matter how great it might be! Right?! So, feel free to drop a line about your thoughts on the Sail4All forum section in our Community. Anything boating-wise goes!

TheBoatApp got much better during the last few months and is not because we say so but because of the new features and updates released. To name a few:

  1. Subscription & Licences have been fully redesigned to be simpler and allow easy upgrade/downgrade
  2. Apple login added to easily register/connect via your Apple account
  3. Passkey login added to say goodbye to passwords, switching to password-less login
  • Filters added to focus on active/closed trips, upcoming/overdue tasks, etc

  1. Import of external data added to populate your inventory by easily importing an existing Excel table
  2. Custom user-fields added for you to add and track anything you may need to
  3. Bulk delete added to select many obsolete inventory items and delete them easily
  4. Location sorting added
  1. v3 released adding categories, linked records, attached files and improved user-interface
  2. Sorting added on table-view

We also have a tonne of work done on other updates and fixes. You may always see what is released in the public Changelog and much more you may propose what YOU need, by posting it in our Community, where other users may also comment and upvote it.

Closing, I wish you a great summer ahead, with as many miles as you wish under your keel, good health and safe cruising, with an always seaworthy boat!

Best Marine Regards,