TheBoatApp includes an Alerts module providing a central view of all configured alerts and identify at a glance items needing your attention, such as forthcoming expiration of inventory items or documents (e.g. licenses, certificates, etc). This is especially useful for forthcoming maintenance needs, for being pro-active and planning ahead! No need to keep trying to remember yourself what needs to be done and when. Alerts are applicable for you as well as for the persons you have already assigned the respective inventory/file/task, so all needed parties are timely notified in a jiff! [Gold feature]

How to Access the Alerts

To access Alerts, log in to TheBoatApp and then you may select “Alerts” from the left side menu.

How to Register Alerts

Alerts functionality is spanning the whole platform thus Alerts can, and should, be defined for each item needed at the respective module. So, upon the creation of some Inventory/Tasks make sure to configure any needed alert through the “Due date” field. On Tasks, you may additionally define:

  • Recurrence: flip the “Is recurring” switch to configure a task as recurring

    • Recurrence timing: select the recurrence “Frequency” (1week, 1month, 3months, 6months, 1year)

  • Notification: flip the “Has notification” switch to configure an alert prior to the task’s due date

    • Notification lead-time: type how many “Days before” you wish to be alerted you and your designated contacts should be alerted

The name of each alert is corresponding automatically to the name of the respective Inventory/Task already created.

In short, you are strongly advised(!) to configure an alert for each item you consider that a Point-of-Action is needed to be taken, defining also when this action needs to be performed (i.e. "Due Date") as well as how many "Days before" the alert should be sent to you and your designated contacts. It might look a bit of extra work for you now but it will come handy for both you and your appointed contacts (e.g. family, skipper, technician, marina-staff, etc) to know in advance and plan accordingly!

How to Manage Alerts

On the main Alerts screen, on the Alerts list-view table, hover the mouse cursor on an Alert ID. “Details” appears on its right side and by selecting it you access the Edit Alert screen. At version 2.0 you can only view the details of each alert. Full functionality to edit each Alert will be provided on a later version.


All alert types such as due date, expiration, exceeded threshold, pre-alerts (i.e. notification in advance), etc, are automatically shared with the user(s) sharing the respective record(s) from where the alert derives. No additional actions are needed. Just make sure to set properly the alert(s) on the respective record and also share it accordingly.

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