Checklists Best Practices: How to Maintain your Public Checklists

Checklists Best Practices: How to Maintain your Public Checklists

How to maintain your Public Checklists

A really well-put checklist is a valuable tool for everyone. It can be a simple shopping-checklist or a quite long maintenance/repair/troubleshooting-checklist. Regardless, if you have done the work to put it together for you, why not to share your know-how and the checking convenience with your fellow sailors? Sharing is caring!


Let's take the the example of your winterizing checklist. You made this based on the procedure you had written and following every autumn to get your boat in shape for the winter. At some point, a friend recommended you performing an additional task, missing until now from your checklist, so you instantly switch on your mobile app and you are adding it. Later on, when you were actually doing the winterizing, you realize that a step needed was not properly described/explained thus you go again to your mobile app and revise on the spot this point to be more clearly described/explained.


But how many people you know directly will give you such a hint? For this reason we have included commenting on every checklist. Like this, you may receive the comments of every fellow sailor already following and using your checklist. Some of them will suggest you adding an item; some will suggest revising one, to include a small yet crucial detail. Whether you will do so or not is up to you, as the creator of the checklist, we would however advise you to consider all comments, and if possible reply to them, since there is probably someone out there with a little bit of extra added value for your checklist!


Closing, you may not come up with the perfect winterizing checklist as of the first day that you created it, but after maintaining it properly over time, including both your experience and thoughts as well as followers' received comments, you will sooner or later be the proud creator of the Winterizing Ultimate Reference Checklist!

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