TheBoatApp includes a Dashboard module where you may view the overall status in a snapshot! In other words, the big picture in a glance for you to be able to spot items needing your attention (e.g. forthcoming expiration dates, tasks, etc), figures involved (e.g. expenditures over the last period), etc.

How to Access the Dashboard

To access the Dashboard, login to TheBoatApp, click "Dashboard" from the left side menu and then have an overview of Boats, Trips, Costs, Tasks and Alerts.

How to Use the Dashboard

The Dashboard is comprised of individual sections, some of which provide you additional information upon mouse cursor hover (e.g. Costs). The Dashboard sections are:

  • Overview: numerical figures related to all your boats (in case you have more than one, like for example when other users are sharing their boat with you). Totals are presented here for your boats, trips, tasks, inventory items, alerts, costs and storage

  • Costs: visual representation breakdown of your costs fr the last 12 months, color-coded per cost-category. Functionalities provided:

    • Cost information per category is displayed by hovering the mouse cursor over a specific month (bar)

  • Ongoing Trips: overview of any ongoing trip. Functionalities provided:

    • Use the “Add log” button to swiftly add a log record in the respective trip

    • Use the “End trip” button to end the respective trip

  • Tasks: overview of Tasks, ordered by approaching “Due date”. Functionalities provided:

    • Clicking the check-symbol in front of any given task marks it as done

  • Alerts: overview of Alerts, ordered by approaching “Due date”

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