Do I need to file my payment-card to register for an account?

Do I need to file my payment-card to register for an account?

No you do not!

Registration needs just your email address confirmation and your FREE account is setup. No payment-card is required.

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    • Does “Try Gold FREE for 90 days” enrollment requires any upfront payment or payment-card registration?

      Absolutely not! You enroll to "Try Gold FREE for 90 days" and get all the Gold functionalities for FREE for 90 days without any payment-card registration. At the expiration of the Gold trial, your account will be reverted to Free with your data ...
    • What types of payment do you accept?

      We accept payment via major payment cards supported by our payments processing partner, Stripe.
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      Register an Account Signing up for an account can be either done on TheBoatDB or TheBoatApp web sites as well as via both Android and iOS Mobile Apps. So, let's see how we may register a new user account via the platform's web interface. How to ...
    • What about my personal data?

      In line with our User Agreement, we don’t process any payments. Our payment-processing partner is Stripe and is the one processing any payment-card, including the card number, name, address, etc. Furthermore, and as clearly stated at our Privacy ...
    • Is it really FREE?! For how long?

      Yes, it is really FREE and for as long as you wish! The account creation needs simply your name, a password and a valid email address. No payment-card is required and your account is fully functional for as long as you wish to keep it. It is not a ...