Tasks Sharing: we are actively developing v2 and due to some internal restrictions the full sharing functionality on Tasks will be available around 2022Q4. Then, apart of the Assignee, you'll be able to share a task with more users and collaborate [Gold feature].


TheBoatApp includes a Tasks module for actively managing what needs to be done, when and by whom, also assignable [Gold feature] to other users. In case the assignee is not a user already, will be notified by email to join the platform and start receiving the notifications configured for your boat. Plan tasks, put deadlines and assign [Gold feature] them to the relevant person (i.e. technician, marina personnel, skipper, etc). Let you and them be alerted via auto-reminders of forthcoming deadlines and plan accordingly!

How to Access the Tasks

To access the Tasks, log in to TheBoatApp and click "Tasks" from the left side menu.

How to Register Tasks

Select "Tasks" from the left side menu and then click "Add Task". You are now on the Tasks registration screen. Start filling up the data of the task item you are adding (e.g. a maintenance task). You may skip some of these fields but make sure to fulfill the mandatory ones, identified by an asterisk. You can select the Boat in order to assign that task to that boat.

Here below you may see the specific Tasks fields and their functionality:

  1. Name: enter how you wish to identify this task. Better use something descriptive since this name will appear on various lists and reports later on

  2. Boat: select the boat which the respective task concerns

  3. Assignee: define who is to perform this task

  4. Due Date: define the deadline for performing this task

    1. Recurrence: define whether this task is recurring on weekly/monthly/quarterly/biannually/annually intervals. Like that you won't have to re-create repetitive maintenance tasks again and again!

    2. Notification: define whether to be reminded and how many days ahead of the due date. Make sure to configure this for a timely notification to reach you and those with whom you are sharing with (e.g. family, skipper, marina-staff, etc) [Gold feature]

  5. Priority: used on various tables and lists throughout the platform and may assist when sorted accordingly. You may set a task priority as high, medium or low, depending on it’s criticality. This helps also the assignee [Gold feature] to treat the task according to its priority

  6. Status: define whether the task is not-started, in-progress, done or cancelled

  7. Category: define whether the task is General or related with a Document or Maintenance actions needed

  8. Notes: anything that might be helpful to be kept in the task record (e.g. a procedure, contacts, a reference from a manual, etc). This field is searchable and thus traceable when you are searching for a specific word/number/name contained here (e.g. a name of a technician, some details about a spare part, compatible parts, etc)

  9. Files: attach documents (e.g. manual, brochure, certificate, etc), photos and any other files relevant to the respective task

How to Edit, Complete,  Delete Tasks

Edit Tasks

On the main Tasks screen, on the Tasks list-view table, hover the mouse cursor on a Task name. “Details” appears on its right side and by selecting it you access the Edit Task screen were you may edit and change any of the Task’s properties (attention: “Boat” cannot by changed). Alternatively, you may perform changes directly in the tasks table-view by clicking on the respective fields: Task Name, Scope, Due Date, Status, Priority and Comments. Any changes you perform are saved automatically.

Complete Tasks

To mark a task as Complete, either in the table-view or in the edit-view, in the "Status" field select “Done”. Your task has been marked as done and you are good to go!

Delete Tasks

To delete a task, click the trash-can icon on the top-right corner of the Edit Task screen.

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