Tasks - Register who, has to do what, by when, etc.

Tasks (v2.13.0 - APR 2023)

Tasks - Register who, has to do what, by when, etc.

TheBoatApp includes a Tasks module for actively managing what needs to be done, when and by whom, also assignable to other users. In case the assignee is not a user already, will be notified by email to join the platform and start receiving the notifications configured for your boat. Plan tasks, put deadlines and assign them to the relevant person (i.e. technician, marina personnel, skipper, etc). Let you and them be alerted via reminders of forthcoming deadlines and plan accordingly!

How to Access the Tasks

To access the Tasks module, log in to TheBoatApp and select "Tasks" from the left side menu.

How to Register Tasks

Select "Tasks" from the left side menu and then click "Add Task". You are now on the Tasks edit screen. Start filling up the data of the task item you are adding (e.g. a maintenance task). You may skip some of these fields but make sure to fulfil the mandatory ones, identified by an asterisk.


Here below you may see the General fields of a task and their functionality:

  1. Name: how you wish to identify this task. Better use something descriptive since this name will appear on various lists and reports later on

  2. Boat: the boat which the respective task concerns

  3. Assignee: defines who is to perform this task. Type the email address of the user with whom you wish to share your boat. The Assignee can either be already registered user or not. Also, the Assignee may be a Free user, getting view-only rights on any shared task, or a paid-plan subscriber getting either view-only or edit rights, as defined by the sharing initiator (boat owner)

  4. Due Date: by when this task has to be completed. An alert will be created for this date-time

    1. Reminder: setup how many days/weeks/months/years before the due date you should be notified. An additional pre-alert will be created for this date-time

  5. Linked Inventory: does this task relate with an inventory item? If so, select it here (e.g. an “Oil filter replacement” task most probably links with an “Oil filter” inventory item)

    1. Inventory sync: is this task related with a respective inventory item and thus both the task and the inventory records should be in-sync? If so, activate this to synchronise the due-date, reminder, etc. When activated, any changes on the task will update the respective linked-inventory fields and vice-versa

  6. Calendar recurrence: setup every how many days/weeks/months/years this task should be performed

    1. Reminder: setup how many days/weeks/months/years before the due date you should be additionally notified. An additional pre-alert will be created for this date-time

    2. OR/AND: when a linked inventory sync has been setup, along with both the calendar and usage recurrence values, you may select whether just one (OR) or both (AND) of these two criteria will need to be fulfilled to trigger an alert

  7. Usage recurrence: when a linked inventory sync has been setup, set hereby every how many units of usage (e.g. hours, litres) this task should be performed

    1. Reminder: setup how many units before the Usage threshold you should be additionally notified. An additional pre-alert will be created for this threshold

  8. Priority: setup priority as high, medium or low, depending on its criticality. This helps also the assignee to treat the task according to its priority

  9. Status: setup the task as not-started, in-progress, done or cancelled

  10. Category: refer to Categories & Customisation

  11. Notes: add anything that might be helpful to be kept in the task record (e.g. a procedure, contacts, a reference from a manual, etc). This field is searchable and thus traceable when you are searching for a specific word/number/name contained here (e.g. a name of a technician, some details about a spare part, compatible parts, etc)

  12. Files: attach any documents (e.g. manual, brochure, certificate, etc), photos and any other files relevant to the respective task


Here below you may see the Costs fields for a task and their functionality:

  1. Amount & Currency: the cost (amount paid). The respective currency is automatically selected based on the user’s General Settings, however you may select manually another currency if needed for just this cost booking

  2. Supplier: the store/vendor from where you made this purchase

  3. VAT/GST rate: the percentage of applicable Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods & Services Tax (GST). The respective tax amount is calculated and displayed automatically below this field

    1. VAT/GST incl./excl.: select whether the VAT/GST is included in the amount entered above or not

  4. Type: select whether the cost refers to goods (i.e. tangible items) or services (e.g. paying a diver for bottom scraping works)

In short, you are strongly advised to include as much info as you can, including uploading any files related to the specific task such as photo(s), manual(s), even video(s) about this task (e.g. a how-to guide), etc. Also, please pay special attention to the Due date, Recurrence and Reminders. Putting the right info can assist you enormously by sending an Alert to you and your designated contacts before it might be too late! It might look a bit of extra work for you now but it will come handy for both you and your appointed contacts (e.g. family/skipper/technician/marina) to know in advance and plan accordingly!

How to Manage Tasks

Edit Tasks

On the main Tasks screen, on the Tasks list-view table, hover the mouse cursor on a Task name. “Details” appears on its right side and by selecting it you access the edit Task screen where you may edit and change any of the Task’s properties.

Delete Tasks

To delete a task, click the "Bin" icon on the top-right corner of the Edit Task screen.

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