What happens if I exceed the quota in my plan?

What happens if I exceed the quota in my plan?

You will be notified that you have reached your quota for the specific feature and you will either not be able to add more items (e.g. alerts, files, etc) or not having the full functionality (e.g. not having active notifications for alerts exceeding your quota).

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    • Will I have access to my data if I downgrade my plan?

      Of course you will be able to access your data! When you downgrade your plan, you'll still have access to your data, with the applicable quota and features limitations of your new plan. Indicatively, Storage: you’ll need to comply with the storage ...
    • What happens when my trial ends?

      Your account and data remain intact. Paid-plan features will be revoked thus if you anything exceeding the Free quota will be deactivated (e.g. only 10 alerts will remain active, etc). Especially for storage, you will be prompted to remove files ...
    • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

      Yes, at any time you like. Upgrade is performed immediately prorating any remaining days of your existing paid plan to the new one. If you opt for a downgrade, it will be carried out at the end of your billing cycle.
    • I am subscribed to a yearly plan; how will I be billed?

      You'll need to make a one-time payment for the annual plan upon plan’s initiation. Your subscription is valid for one (1) year and will be due for automatic renewal upon expiration.
    • Why the paid-plan subscriptions are so cheap (starting at €19/year) and how will you cover the costs and survive?

      About the pricing, we had many asking how we may "survive" on such a low fee when similar web-based boating data management platforms are charging twice and more of our annual fee per… MONTH! Our starting level is ZERO (0), meaning you get a FREE ...