Why the Gold subscription is so cheap (€49,90/year) and how will you cover the costs and survive?

Why the Gold subscription is so cheap (€49,90/year) and how will you cover the costs and survive?

About the pricing, we had many asking how we may "survive" on such a low fee when similar web-based boating data management platforms are charging €50/MONTH, at starting level. Our starting level is ZERO (0), meaning you get a FREE account to use for as long as you wish and then when you feel that the value provided justifies the subscription fee, you are most welcome to go ahead and become a paying subscriber.

The platform has running bills (e.g. hosted servers, global content delivery network, software management and development tools, etc) and especially development cost (i.e. salaries) of the designers, software engineers and many more individuals working to fix bugs, make improvements and add new features. We are able to cover the running costs and the development, as we have been successfully doing since Marine Data Cloud's establishment back on February of 2019. The paying subscribers are the ones to make the difference and assist not simply into paying the monthly bills but more importantly to be able to develop better and faster, thus keep improving the platform. We are already developing at a decent pace and have a roadmap spanning about five (5) years ahead. The more resources we have (i.e. subscriptions received) the faster we will be able to do things thus the better the platform and the value provided to all users, especially the paying ones.

Still, why the subscription is so cheap, at just €49,90/year? Because we cater for the many and not the few. In other words, we choose to get few from many and we are willing to wait and keep investing, as we do since 2019.

Our business model is for every sailor our there to be able to afford the subscription and make use of the technology to manage his boating data. This does not have to be the exclusive privilege of really big yachts, that need even specialized software applications just to follow-up with strict requirements about waste-management, crew rest-hours, etc. There are already great apps for these in the market but this is not our target. We cater for every sailor that wants a good set of tools to be able to efficiently and effectively manage his boat, systems, maintenance, etc, the modern way, not just by scraping papers but collaborating and sharing boating data with friends and family (e.g. trips), technicians and mechanics (e.g. inventory, tasks, alerts) or simply any other fellow sailor (e.g. public checklists).

A place for everything and everything in its place, for every mariner, affordably, now!