Register your Boat

Register your Boat

Boat Sharing: we are actively developing v2 and due to some internal restrictions the full boat sharing functionality will be available during SEP 2021 [Gold feature].

Register and Configure your Boat

After registering your account and logging in, the next thing to do is register your boat. Does not matter if you owe one or just skippering or even just chartering one! Go ahead and register her!

How to Register your Boat

Provided that you are logged in:
  1. Click "Boats" on the left-side menu
  1. Click "Add Boat"
  2. First, better type your boat manufacturer/model in the search field to add it straight from the database (you'll still be able to customize the way you want to!)

  1. Click "Continue" to enter the boat details

How to Configure your Boat

  1. Enter Boat Name and Boat Flag. Both are mandatory fields

  1. Then, go on filling up Personalized Details, in which the below fields are mandatory:
    1. Acquisition type
    2. Acquisition price (this value will be used in the future to provide financial metrics for your vessel, such as depreciation over time, financial ratios, etc)
    3. VAT: please tick the box if you have paid it!
  1. If you can't find you boat from the database please click on "I can't find my model" button and add the boat details from scratch and then fulfill the mandatory needed fields (identified with asterisk)

  1. Mandatory fields are:
    1. Boat Name
    2. Flag
    3. Maker
    4. Maker website
    5. Model
    6. Price
    7. Category
    8. Hull type
    9. Hull material
    10. Length overall (LOA)
  1. Click "Submit" to complete your boat registration

How to Delete your or a shared Boat

You may delete your own boat as well as a boat shared with you from another user:

  • Own boat deletion: your boat and all associated records (e.g. inventory, tasks, alerts, documents, etc) will be permanently deleted from your account and all associated data will be irrevocably removed from the database. If you wish to export any data for your own records or transfer any data to other user(s), you have to make sure to do so prior to proceeding with your boat deletion. Should you wish in the future to add a newly owned boat, you should add her anew and likewise re-enter/import any related data

  • Boat shared from another user: you will lose access on this boat and all associated records (e.g. inventory, tasks, alerts, documents, etc). The boat data will remain intact in the database and the boat owner will still have full access on them. Should you wish to regain access, you should contact the boat owner to share the boat anew with you

    • Logbook: any logbooks trips records will still remain available in your your account

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    • Do I need to file my payment-card to register for an account?

      No you do not! Registration needs just your email address confirmation and your FREE account is setup. No payment-card is required.