What TheBoatApp Does and How it Works

What TheBoatApp Does and How it Works

What TheBoatApp Does and How it Works

What it Does

TheBoatApp provides a 360˚ seamless experience and unified access for all your boating data. More specifically, provides you with data management of your logbook, inventory, maintenance, documents, checklists, tasks, alerts, etc. In brief, your marine life, fully catalogued, organized and backed-up, accessible from anywhere on any device, online as well as offline!

TheBoatApp provides intuitive Interface with separate modules, once for each needed function: logbook, inventory, maintenance, documents, checklists, tasks, alerts. In this knowledge-base, you will be able to find information on how to use TheBoatApp. In case you don't, no worries, just drop us a line by opening a web ticket or do so via email to Support@MarineDataCloud.com.

How it Works

Firstly, Register an Account and then Register your Boat (even if you don't own one, you are still using some!). You are now ready to access all the platform's modules of which this is the top level overview, while you may find more details and how to use each of them by clicking on the respective module/functionality name:

  1. Dashboard

  2. Boats

    1. Master-boat vs. User-boat: What is What

  3. Logbook

  4. Inventory

  5. Tasks

  6. Checklists

    1. Checklists Best Practices: How to Maintain your Public Checklists

    2. Checklists Best Practices: Follow or Copy a Public Checklist?

  7. Alerts

  8. Files (Documents)

  9. User control-panel

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